Take the Stress Out of your Daily Commute

There is a Smarter way to Commute

If you live in the Washington DC Metro Area, driving through heavy traffic is probably a big part of every workday. ALM Rideshare believes it does not have to be.

How ALM Rideshare Works

  1. ALM Rideshare identifies 7-12 of like-minded professionals who live and work near you, and map ideal routes.
  2. Each morning, the group meets at a central location and board a spacious and reliable van.
  3. They enjoy quicker commutes thanks to free use of the I-95 and I-495 Express Lanes, plus access to HOV lanes on I-395, the Dulles Toll Road, I-66.
  4. At the end of the day, they meet again at a central location and ride together back to the meeting point. 
  5. Vanpool participants share the driving responsibilities, rotating daily or weekly.
  6. Rotating daily or weekly contributes to reduce stress since one person does not have to battle rush-hour traffic every day.
Getting started is easy. Just use our free Route Finder to learn all about vanpools that could work for you 

Why Vanpool?

Some of the overall advantages of vanpooling include the following:

  1. Less stress commuting to and from work
  2. Financial savings due to shared commuting costs 
  3. Reduces need for parking
  4. Increases free time for riders
  5. If an HOV lane is available, trips may take less time
  6. Reduces pollution due to auto emissions
  7. Eligibility to receive up to $255 in tax-free transportation benefits from your employer.